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Emily Schendel is not only an alumna of Community Christian School, but she embodies distinctive values of CCS like critical thinking, leadership, and Biblical lives.

Emily lives and works in Manhattan. By day she works for IAC as the director of mergers and acquisitions, and by night she is the CFO of 100cameras, a non-profit that Emily co-founded with her friends in 2008. By identifying marginalized communities across the globe and partnering with local organizations, 100cameras teach children how to tell their stories through photography. The 100cameras business model that Emily is responsible for uses the photo stories of these children and communities to sell in New York galleries, and the money raised is sent back to those children to help support the greatest need of their community. 100camera empowers these children to tell their story and create tangible change in their community. You can take action and get involved with 100cameras by adopting a camera that will be given to a child to tell their story. You can volunteer and help teach children the power of story through photography. You can host a satellite fundraiser to help support a community and the children who curate its story.

Emily is who is she is today because of her teachers, experiences, and friends at CCS. She credits CCS with preparing her for real life.

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